Top 4 BMWs: Iconic Cars that Built the Iconic Brand

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In 2020, BMW ranked 27th in The World’s Most Valuable Brands by Forbes. They are the third car manufacturer on that list, next only to Toyota and Mercedes-Benz.

But its popularity is not just a product of the number of cars it makes.

BMW is best known around the world as makers of excellent luxury cars. It’s earned the respect of everyone from the average Joe all the way to the most inclined car enthusiasts. You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t recognize those three letters above the blue and white checkered circle.

It is a true icon in the automobile industry. Of course, its iconic cars led to its iconic status. This article is a list of the top four iconic cars made by BMW.

The E30 M3

The M3 might be the brand’s most well-known performance badge and this car is where that legend began.

It was produced between 1986 and 1991 based on the E30 3 series. A lot of these case were built as coupes but there are also very few convertible versions out there.

From the 3 series, BMW improved the M3’s aerodynamics and it was also made to accommodate a wider track and larger wheels. Under the hood, the S14 four-cylinder, DOHC engine produced 197 horses. The car’s power was later increased further, reaching 212 horsepower for European models. Its top speed is 149mph.

The M3 is the only car to have earned more motorsports titles than the Porsche 911.

For all these reasons, the E30 M3 is often regarded as one of the best sports cars of all time.

The i8

BMW i8

Don’t be fooled by the i8 being a plug-in hybrid. Many even prefer driving this car to the M4.

This coupe is a real head-turner with futuristic body lines that minimize drag and maximize its flourish. It was featured in Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. According to this article from the Georgian Journal, the car even stole the limelight in the scenes it was in.

But more than its beautiful face, this car represents the future of BMW and the industry in general. The move towards more sustainability is here and it’s cruising in style.

The 2002 Turbo

The 02 series was made as a way to sell more BMWs. It started in 1966 with the 1602 compact executive car. Soon after, the company decided to make a sporting version for enthusiasts in North America. This gave rise to the 2002 Turbo.

More years and modifications later, the 2002 Turbo was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1973. It was BMW’s first production car that was turbocharged. It produced 170 horses and 177 lb-ft of torque.

As amazing as this car was, because of the oil crisis in 1973, only 1,672 of these 2002s were made.

BMW pays tribute to this icon by updating their 2002 Hommage concept.

The 507

To end this list is arguably one of the most good-looking cars of all time – the 507. Having only been manufactured between 1956 to 1959, this roadster is also one of the rarest cars BMW has made. There are only 252 of these out there.

What was essentially a roadster version of the 503, it was designed to fit between the price range of the expensive Mercedes-Benz 300SL and cheaper sports cars from MG and Triumph during those times.

The 507 recently received attention again after BMW restored Elvis Presley’s old car.

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