Bruce Powers

Founder, President

How did you get into Autowerkes?

``There was a recession in the economy and I decided to go work on cars myself, so that's what I did. I was hired working on 911s.``

What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about?

``I started out wanting to be around Porches when I was 10 or 11 years old. I was already working on cars when I turned 12. I was taking things apart, putting things together. There's a definite satisfaction when you have figured out some problem or issue with a car, or when you've finished a repair and everything works well. Learning is my passion.``

Why is Autowerkes so successful?

``Autowerkes is a work in progress. We're always listening and trying to improve. You gotta have passion for what you want to work on. You gotta have a passion for learning. Learning is life. I love to learn stuff.``

Phill O’Farrell

Vice President

How did you get into Autowerkes?

``I was between jobs and Bruce's ex-partner's wife knew me. They were looking for a technician. It started out as a part time job and turned into this!``

What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about?

``I just enjoy the troubleshooting side of it, completion, working on a nice vehicle, and talking with the customers--they're always nice to talk to. I'm working with people that I've been with for 30-something years. It's a nice working environment for the automotive industry.``

What do you think makes Autowerkes so successful?

``We're a smaller company. We're watching the details a little bit because we're more passionate about it. It's more than just a job.``

Phil is an ASE Master Certified Technician.

Johnny Germain

Vice President

How did you get into Autowerkes?

``Before Autowerkes--in high school--I worked at a gas station working on cars and pumping gas. Later I worked for another independent repair shop which was right across the alley from Bruce. He picked me up and taught me everything I know.``

What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about?

``Helping people out, getting them back on the road, and keeping their cars going good. In the beginning I was just into the repair aspect of it and seeing how things worked. Since I got on the customer service end, it's changed a bit.``

What do you think makes Autowerkes successful?

``Our customer service and doing what it takes to never give up on a problem. Doing what it takes to help people out.``

Johnny has plenty of experience--much of his expertise comes with taking courses and workshops with various manufacturers from fuel injection repair to engine rebuilding.

Jason Brennan, 43

Huntington Beach - Electritian

Originally had a car he would only use on the weekends to race, but chose to get into autocross because he wanted to have a car he could drive on the street, as well as race on the weekend.

Josh Germain, 25

Huntington Beach - Fashion Industry

Has always been into cars, and racing, and got into autocross because it looked like another fun way to race.