A Porsche is a true luxury car that drives like a dream and looks exquisite. Whether you drive it as a novice or professional racer or simply own it as a collector, you naturally want only the best for its upkeep. You need a Porsche repair shop in Huntington Beach that has the technical expertise and experience to maintain the car’s pure driving pleasure and safety.

Autowerkes is an auto shop you can trust for Porsche diagnosis, repair, and maintenance. We’ve been servicing this premium car brand since 1980 for vehicle owners living in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and the adjacent cities in Orange County.


Our auto repair shop is founded by engineer and Porsche racer Bruce Powers. We have the expertise to service your luxury car as we have done so for the multiple generations of Porsche owners, some of whom drive from as far away as San Diego to our shop.

We know the sophistication and intricacy required to fix or maintain any Porsche model. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment that allows us to connect with your vehicle and perform the necessary programming and troubleshooting steps.

Our ASE-Certified and factory-trained master technicians have more than 100 years of combined experience. They have the knowledge and experience needed to tackle various areas of Porsche maintenance and repairs, including work on the car’s electrical and engine components. They also attend education and training programs to stay up to date on the latest Porsche systems.

Our master technicians use advanced equipment to accurately and efficiently evaluate and service your car.

Optimize your Porsche vehicle for better performance with our specialized auto shop’s repair and maintenance services.

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Our Range of Porsche Services

We offer an array of Porsche services designed to get your vehicle working at optimal performance and preserve the lifespan of your high-performance car.

Among the services we provide are:

Brake Services

The brake system of your Porsche is an important component of your vehicle. It decreases your speed or brings your car to a full stop to keep you and your passengers safe. If your brakes require maintenance, replace, or replacement, bring your Porsche to our auto shop. We’ll get your brakes running smoothly and properly.

Engine Services

Repairing, modifying, and customizing a Porsche engine requires special tools and proper experience. Our auto service shop has the technicians and top-of-the-line equipment to perform any engine work on your car.

Transmission Services

A problematic Porsche transmission could prevent you from changing speeds efficiently. If your car is suffering from transmission trouble, let our certified technicians check under the hood. Whether the transmission type is manual or automatic, we fix these machines quickly and effectively.

Apart from these three major Porsche repair services, we perform other maintenance and repair work, such as wiper blade replacement, vehicle fluid service, and glass replacement.

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