The BMW brand is recognized for its technology, innovation, and sustainability. The luxury car brand’s vehicles are engineered and designed with impressive engines, innovative safety features, and a premium quality finish. When you own one, you’ll want only the best service to keep it humming safely and efficiently on the road.

Autowerkes has been providing reliable auto repair services for BMW owners in Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and other areas in Orange County for more than 36 years.

Why Choose Us to Service Your BMW?

Our auto repair shop specializes in repairing and maintaining BMW vehicles. Our employees are factory-trained master technicians who carry a certification issued by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). Our staff also has extensive auto servicing experience, which lets us deliver stellar service to our clients.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform vehicle troubleshooting and programming on BMWs. With our diagnostic tools, factory-level software, and the latest BMW service repair information, our team can conduct car assessments and repairs accurately and efficiently.

Life sometimes gets busy, and we understand that. Rather than bring your vehicle directly to us, you could ask us to pick up your BMW for inspection, maintenance, or repair. Clients working or living close to our auto repair shop in Huntington Beach may sign up for our free BMW pick up and drop off service.

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BMW 3.0 CS

Our Selection of BMW Services

We provide a range of car services to fix your BMW, improve its performance, and keep it in excellent condition.

Among our major services are:

Brake Services

A functioning braking system is necessary to help you steer, handle, and stop your vehicle properly. If you’re having difficulty using the brakes of your BMW, let our technicians take a closer look at this component. We repair and replace brake rotors, pads, and the electrical components of an anti-lock brake system (ABS).

Engine Services

We fix a range of engine problems that could affect the driving performance of your BMW. Our technicians diagnose and repair issues, such as the check engine light, water pump failure, and defective fuel injectors.

Transmission Services

Transmission problems, such as clogged filters and fluid leak, may cause your BMW to perform poorly. Let our team inspect and fix the problem.

On top of servicing the brake, transmission, and engine, we maintain and repair other parts of the BMW, such as the tires, wiper blades, and the headlights.

Get your BMW problems diagnosed and fixed right away at our auto shop. Book a consultation today by calling (714) 842-2277.